Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp training is available live or online. Be one of the first three to sign up and receive 25% off. Send more than one person and addition discount as well.  Please note that all training to be performed in Saratoga Springs New York unless otherwise stated.

Hosted Environment
3 months of your own Ariah Research hosted environment per institution for only $899 with any 1 week registration.
Technical Sessions

These sessions are geared towards your IT staff and system administrators

System configuration, Full week

  • Installing and upgrading Ariah, embedded and bundled
  • System
    • Hosted environment
    • Locally installed
    • Database setup
    • Logging
    • And more
  • Setting up Grants.Gov
  • CAS, LDAP or other Single Sign On authentication integrations

Development, Full week
  • Modifying Ariah Code
  • Working with Maven Overlays
  • Advanced settings, deep dive on Ariah specific configurations
  • Questions and Answers,
Functional Sessions

These sessions are geared for your central office and departmental staff

Base Configurations, Full Week

  • System and base configuration of Ariah

In these sessions we will work with attendees to setup their Ariah system to meet their needs so their environment is customized to their institution.

* Hosted environment required for this session


  • Pre-Award

Proposal Logs, Proposal Development, Budgets, Institutional Proposals, and routing will be covered in great detail during these three days.

  • Pre-Award Advanced

Topics such as setting up your environment for pre-award , system to system submission, proposal hierarchies, custom questionnaire display will be covered in this session.

This session requires an Ariah environment to get the maximum benefit.

Post Award

  • Post Award

Awards, time and money documents, budgets, and routing will be discussed in great detail. The development and use of sponsor templates, dealing with under recovery and cost share, all the topics you’ll need to use Ariah awards will be a covered.

  • Post Award Advanced

Setting up your system for Ariah awards, award hierarchies, copying awards into hierarchies, custom questionnaire display will be discussed as well as other award functionality.

Negotiations, Subaward, and Peopleflow, Four days

  • Negotiations
  • Sub Awards
  • Report Tracking
  • Workflow (KRMS)

During these four days we will cover the use of the Ariah negotiations and subaward modules as well as demonstrating how to define your own system rules using the Ariah peopleflow functionality.

IRB, IACUC, and Conflict of interest, Full week

  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Invertebrate Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Conflict of Interest

During this week we will cover the Institutional Review Board modules functionality in great detail from setting up committees and meetings, to the development, submission, and workflow or a protocol and finally the activities of reviewers and committees in the approval process.  We will cover the IACUC module and the differences between it and the IRB module.  Finally we will discuss how to utilize the Conflict of interest module and how it can be integrated with other modules to automate the process of disclosures.

User Training

These sessions are meant for your end users to familiarize them with using Ariah Research

  • Pre-Award, Full week

During this week we will walk users through the development of proposals and budgets from the perspective of a principal investigator.

  • Post Award, Full week

During this week we will walk users through the development of awards from the perspective of a principal investigator.

  • IRB and IACUC, Full week
  • During this well we will walk users through the creation of IRB and IACUC protocols as well as how to create financial entities and management of COI disclosures.


contact sales@moderas.or for more information. ON-site training is also available.

Attendee Policy:  Attendees must be affiliated with an institution performing research.

Refund Policy:  Full refunds will be provided if canceled within 30 days

Reschedule Policy: Moderas™ reserves the right to reschedule classes if a minimum of 8 attendees is not met for a class.  We may also reschedule because of client or instructor conflicts in consultation with attendees.