FastTrak eRA System 

FastTrak is our complete eRA solution. It’s available in either a hosted/cloud environment or installed on-site and provides support for pre-award, post award, subawards, negotiations, conflict of interest, IRB and IACUC.

The SynKronize data tool is bundled with FastTrak.  SynKronize is used to load your initial system data and then configured to run on a schedule, such as nightly, to keep your FastTrak environment in sync with your institution systems of record.

Dashboards significantly improve the user experience and they’re included with FastTrak as well.  Users can see exactly what they’re working on and what state their tasks are in.

Standard parameterized reports are bundled with your FastTrak environment. We’re adding new reports to the standard package all the time.

Base system and pre-award module setup, training, documentation, and ongoing support are all included with your FastTrak package.

We will get you up and running with pre-award quickly so you can see an immediate return on your investment and realize the benefits of using an eRA system.

Presentations / Webinars: