Do your investigators want to know the status of their awards?  Are they curious how much has been spent, how much is left, are they in your office asking you about this when you’re up against a submission deadline?  The ReKoncile is the tool for you.

Rekoncile synchronizes your expenditures from your financial system (any financial system can be used) with your awards in FastTrak to provide a window into what’s happening.  We’re working to add more sources for Award data beyond FastTrak, we’re adding Oracle currently.

Expenditures are shown in a dashboard, burn rates are calculated based on current burn and remaining budget to tell investigators right where they’re at.  No more emergency phone calls, no more monthly reports that you’re asked for an update two days later, no more stress.

Beyond this you can also add additional details to expenditures where you finance system or data entry process bundles costs together and you need more information at your fingertips. Need to create a budget projection because of a change in circumstances?  Rekoncile lets you create these projections and identify which version of your budget is the current one as well.