“Prologue is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before”

A simple, yet dynamic search tool allowing you to access relevant compliance guidance, regulations, FAQs, court cases, and warning letters from OHRP, FDA, CDC, NIH, DOD, DOE, and more effortlessly and in a fraction of the time.

Trying to efficiently analyze difficult to find and seemingly unrelated pieces of data is a time intensive tedious process for enterprises both large and small.  No more scouring the Internet for answers. With Prologue, simply type in descriptive terms for your issue and retrieve relevant results from a multitude of sources.


Find the results you want! Our scoring algorithm provides a % match for every result

  • Save your searches as favorites
  • Save Guidance documentation, get notified automatically by email if updates occur
  • Provide both Summary and Detailed Results

Allow for the creation of Search Agents

  • Create as many Agents as you want
  • Set your agent(s) to run on your schedule (daily, weekly, etc) and it will do the searching for you
  • Tell the agent(s) how you want your results, one at a time, or grouped together in a single email

Send Alerts via email

  • Can be Based on Search Agents OR on one of your “saved” documents
  • Set preference of Summary Report or Individual Results
  • Set the Frequency of delivery of your reports

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