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Does your staff need access to a tool to find funding opportunities that’s easy to use? Would you like a system that will notify you of new opportunities using search agents or to be able to follow updates to previously identified opportunities? Sign up for Kwest FREE to search federal opportunities (offer valid for universities and research institutions).

The Kwest research funding search tool is a simple yet powerful tool for finding the right opportunities. We feel this tool is a welcome alternative to the various sources of funding opportunities as it will aggregate those sources in a single place and provide a one of a kind simple search interface.  Check out the interface below!

Absolutley no obligation, no credit card information required!


Side by Side comparison of Kwest vs. (Click image for larger view)


Kwest is a best in breed application for searching funding opportunities. It provides basic and advanced search features for opportunities such as:

  • Sorting Results
  • Relevance indication by %
  • Save your searches for later use
  • Summary and Detailed Results

Results as easy as 1-2-3!

Kwest Features

  • Unbeatable price, Institutions can sign up for Kwest for as little as $899 per year
  • Provides Basic and Advanced Searches for Opportunities
    • Find the results you want! Our scoring algorithm provides a % match for every result
    • Save your searches as favorites
    • Save opportunities, get notified automatically by email when updates occur
    • Provide both Summary and Detailed Results
    • Export Summary Reports or Single Detailed Results to Multiple Formats (CSV, Excel, etc.)
    • Populate Opportunity directly into Proposal Development record in the open source research administration application Kuali Coeus with our Kwest Connector
  • Allow for the creation of Search Agents
    • Create as many Agents as you want
    • Set your agent(s) to run on your schedule (daily, weekly, etc) and it will do the searching for you
    • Tell the agent(s) how you want your results, one at a time, or grouped together in a single email
  • Send Alerts via email
    • Can be Based on Search Agents
    • OR Profile matches with Opportunity if desired (version 2.0)
    • OR on one of your “saved” opportunities
    • Set preference of Summary Report or Individual Results
    • Set the Frequency of delivery of your reports

Ready to find the right opportunities effortlessly and in a fraction of the time, then you’re ready for Kwest!

Absolutely no obligation, no credit card information required.

Kwest Private Opportunities Add-On

Upgrade and add private opportunities to your Kwest search with all the same features Kwest provides for federal opportunities.


Want to add private opportunities to your searches?

Get a 50 users license for Kwest private opportunities for only $899

100 User License – $1,299

300 User License – $1,999

Unlimited User License – $2,999



Kwest Connector Add-On

With the Kwest Connector you can create a proposal in FastTrak from your found funding opportunity with a single click!  No need to enter data, no chance for data to be entered incorrectly, no muss, no fuss.  Everything should be this easy.

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