InSight Ad-Hoc Reporting 

InSight encompasses two distinct parts.  The first is the conversion of your FastTrak data into a format that eases and speeds report performance.  This process mashes your data into field names and values and adds new fields based on logical rules to add even more fields such as calendar year, fiscal month, pass through, interdisciplinary, etc.  It also imports custom fields making them available to report on.  why does this matter? It makes it much easier for report creators to get the data they need.  The second part is the web based graphical interface for creating reports in tabular, cross tab, and chart formats.

With InSight a person who’s never created a report before can be up in running and generate a report in just minutes.  For users who are familiar with report in tool such as Excel the possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve created a report you can share the report and/or the structure of the report with others.  Want to schedule a report to run on a calendar, no problem, InSight can send reports through email or to a file location on any schedule you create.


Download the mobile app and view your reports and update schedules from your phone or tablet