Projects in the works 

We’re always making improvements to our system and products based on our customer’s feedback.  We’re confident our system provides the widest possible functionality on the market at the best price but  we’re always striving to make it even better and looking for new ideas.

Effort Reporting 

With the Uniformed Guidance established it’s time to revisit creating an Effort Reporting module.  We developed requirements back in 2014 but with the new of the plans for Uniformed Guidance and the uncertainty of what it would contain everything was put on hold.  Now it’s time to get back on track with the original requirements with plans to add new requirements for Project Based Reporting which is a new wrinkle they’ve added to make reporting even easier.

Export Control

The focus on tracking export control has grown and become more critical. We can currently track this using “special reviews” and workflow but we feel more can be done and this has grown to a point where it requires it’s own module and functionality.  At a minimum this module would track project information, people, agreements, events, and destinations.  Down the road it may also track items on site which has export control implications.


Much like the changes we’ve completed for pre-award with the TurboGrants module we’re looking to develop an investigator based protocol development module.  This new module would not only allow for virtually no training for investigators to use it would also add much needed information to the protocol’s themselves which were not part of the original scope.

Institutional Bio-Safety Committees 

There’s been a great deal of interest in IBC functionality and we’ve put together requirements for developing a new module.  Our plans include replacing the current IRG and IACUC functionality with a newer interface geared towards investigators like our TurboGrants module.  We plan to separate the committee functionality into it’s own module and create children such as IRB, IACUC, IBC, and later Radiation Safety, etc.  Currently we expect to have IBC available in the winter of 2016.