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The goal here is to provide as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision and select the product that best meets your needs.  


FastTrak   (Moderas)

Based on Ariah

InfoEd  (InfoEd) Cayuse (EVisions) KualiCo  Click Commerce  (Huron) SmartGrant (GAMS) Key Solutions  (Key Solutions)


Hosted Both Both Only Only No Only Both
Open Source Yes No No AGPLv3 No No No

Capabilities (as we understand them, please see below)

Routing / Workflow
System to System
Ad-hoc Reporting
Effort Certification
Detailed Budgets
Post Award
Sub Awards
Conflict of Interest
Clinical Trials
HR Integration
GL Integration
Funding Opportunities Integration
Lab Animal Management
Human Subject Mgmt
Safety Compliance


A green check mark indicates that the solution has this functionality in detail.  A red x indicates that the solution does not currently provide this functionality or it may be tertiary to another module.  A blue question mark indicates that the functionality is under development, is provided by a related product, or there was not enough information available to determine its status.  We hope you find this information helpful in your review. We’re a product is identified as “limited” this in no way indicates it is not a strong product, only that it’s scope is likely focused on a specific discipline such as pre-award.

Strengths of each solution

InfoEd:  First to market having been founded in the 1990’s InfoEd has the widest/deepest range of modules on the market.

Cayuse: The inital product was focused on investigators and as such the entry of proposals was streamlined for their use and is unsurpassed in that regard.

KualiCo:  Newest to the market on this list it benefits from almost a decade of community development.

Click Commerce: More platform than application that allows it to be highly configurable to meet any institutions needs.

GAMS: Rooted in pre-award with a laser focus on that discipline. GAMS is one of the products that’s been on the market longer than most.

Key Solutions:  Newer to the market with roots in and success in compliance and expanding into other modules.

Moderas: Consider everything else and then give us a call.

Another great resource for information about more products can be found on Captera.

* The Capability/Price information was gathered via publicly available vendor information and Moderas takes no responsibility for its accuracy.  This information is provided as a service and we encourage you to reach out directly to each vendor for more information.  If you find this information to be in error please email info@moderas.org with any corrections or additions you feel would be helpful to your colleagues. Corrections by staff from research administration institutions will be posted immediately.  Corrections provided from vendors should include a research administration contact for verification. If you are a vendor of an eRA product and would like your product listed please contact info@moderas.org and we will gladly add it to provide an easy reference for those seeking this information.

** We recently removed the the survey results from this page.  We’re very open in sharing information and in this case while our information was also a part of the results it became apparent that others did not want their information being shared without their approval.  We completely understand this and it’s absolutely reasonable so we’ve removed all that content.

I believe InfoEd may have a software as a service product which is likely lower in cost but we do not have enough details to list it here.  If you have information about this product please feel free to share it with us (info@moderas.org) and we will add it to the list.