MŌDERAS™ was founded on the belief that research administration software should be affordable and that the industry deserved the kind of support from us that they provide to their researchers. We are driven to do everything we can to provide the best possible solutions to help research institutions.

While there are a number of vendors providing solutions we believe if you evaluate our Fasttrak product you will see we’ve developed an unparalleled product.  You can create your own Fasttrak environment in just minutes by visiting http://fasttrak.co and clicking on “Start my free trial”.  There’s no obligation.

We fell support is critical for any solution to be successful.  To that end we’ve integrated links to our support documentation into Fasttrak that provides help on the specific area you are seeking.  We’ve also included a Suggestion Box into the application that allows users to provide instant feedback on improvements and challenges. We host a number of free webinars every month on system usage and other topics of interest (http://moderas.co/demonstrations) as well a two conference calls monthly open to all our users.

MŌDERAS is based in upstate New York with resources located across the country and even over seas. We’ve got staff with the right stuff to solve the problems you’re facing everyday and the determination to see it through. Our motto…We get IT done! Please feel free to reach out to us for references who we’re sure can speak to our dedication to them and their needs.