There’s been a lot of buzz about disruption over the past few years with companies like Air BnB, Bitcoin, Uber, and the like turning industries on their heads. The term has been so overused that now people are referring to it more correctly as “Innovative Disruption” since disruption alone seems a bit pejorative for new ideas which are creating entirely new markets and changing the way we live often for the better.

Being in technology this trend got us to thinking.  What could we do to disrupt the research administration software space?  It’s been pretty stagnant since companies like InfoEd and initiatives like MIT’s Coeus heralded what was a new market of Electronic Research Administration in the 1990s.  Sure, lots of others have gotten into the market, some products have focused on specific deliverables and others a more suite like approach but they’ve all been fairly similar.  How could me a disruptive change?

As many of you know I ask a lot of questions here about the difficulties you face and the single largest one I hear is always cost, especially for smaller institutions. We’ve been working for years to try and address that and we’ve finally reached a point where we can make a serious dent.  If you check out our homepage you’ll find that we’re offering access to our proposal module for FREE in perpetuity if you sign up by August 31st. That’s free beer, not free puppies for those of you who get the reference.  It’s a hosted system so there’s absolutely no cost to your institution, no system maintenance, no risk.

While this may hopefully be a welcomed offer, it’s only the beginning of our disruptive plans.  We’re hoping lots of people take advantage of this offer and we can build a group who will work together on more ideas like this. We want to empower institutions to make research administration less of a burden but to do it right we need engagement for the people who are doing their best for researchers… you.

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