8 Reasons you should consider adopting Fasttrak today

Eight Reasons you should consider using Fasttrak to manage your research administration activities today.


1. FREE Proposals

We’re offering something no one else is even considering. We are offering to provide you access to the Fasttrak proposal module for FREE if you sign up by August 31st, 2018. If you sign up today you can use our proposal module at no cost and this access will never expire.  Fasttrak will let you to share proposals with team members, provide access to proposal widgets, and use our standard proposal reports all at no cost. Take advantage of this offer and visit Fasttrak.co to sign up to manage your Proposals for free today.

2. Comprehensive system

Pre-award, intent to submit, post award, subawards, negotiations, grants, advancement, effort reporting, intellectual property, audits, training, committees, IRB, IACUC, IBC, project management, inventory and asset tracking are all available today.  Detailed budgets and conflict of interest are coming soon and we plan to add system to system submission. Learn more about these modules here.

3. Low cost

I’m sorry but it has to be said.  Most of the solutions are just too expensive.  We’re offering what we feel is the best system on the market at by far the lowest cost.  Don’t believe us, check it out at fasttrak.co by clicking on “costs” at the bottom of the page and do your own comparison.  We’re the only one’s who provide completely transparent pricing. No hassle getting the information you need to make a wise decision.

4. Collaboration

Use the “Suggestion Box” in Fasttrak to report issues or ideas for improvements.  We value your input and know we can only make a great system by working together.  We also host user group calls twice a month for an open discussion to get feedback and suggestions.

5. Support

It sounds like a cliché but customer support is something we pride ourselves on. We work diligently to gain the trust of our partners. We work hard, like research administrators.

6. Try before you buy

You can try any Fasttrak module free for 30 days to do a full evaluation of the functionality.  Too many people have purchased a system only to learn about its weaknesses later, kick the tires before making a decision.

7. Referral program

We offer a referral program that allows you to save 10% for every new adopter you refer.  It’s a simple process to take advantage of this program, with enough referrals you could pay literally nothing for additional modules you may wish to adopt.

8. Avoid the hassle

Fasttrak is so inexpensive it can fit on a P-Card.  No need to go through a onerous RFP process or bend a knee to the internal approvals of external forces.


We hope you’ll consider joining us by visiting http://fasttrak.co and clicking on “Start my free trial” to sign up. Remember, your free trial for proposals will never expire as long as you’re using the system, that’s our gift to you for joining the family.


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