Moderas Partners with the Ariah Group

Moderas, the premiere provider of solutions for research institutions, is proud to announce our partnership with the Ariah Group.


“We believe the Ariah Group is the future of the original goals of the Kuali community, and that’s something we want to be a part of,” said Chris Thompson, President of Moderas.  “We’re excited about their vision and the opportunity to partner with an organization that understands the value of open source and what commercial vendors can offer on a level playing field.”


When organizations work together they become a powerful engine for innovation and growth.  The Ariah Group is building an impressive community around this product suite, and there seems to be asignificant amount of positive energy around them. Moderas is committing to providing support for the Ariah Research and Ariah Core Platform products.


“Moderas has been providing top-notch services and solutions to research institutions for years,” stated Chris Thompson. “Partnering with the Ariah Group is part of the next generation of our vision and goals.”



About Us

Moderas specializes in web based electronic research administration (eRA) solutions developed on the open source Kuali Coeus™ (KC) platform. Leading you forward, beyond software selection by creating a fully modular, end-to-end solution that doesn’t sacrifice functionality to be cost effective. Our solutions will ultimately afford you the ability to meet your specific and ever-changing research administration needs.  Moderas has the products you need and the services you want for more effective and efficient eRA solutions. Kuali Coeus is a registered trademark of the Kuali Foundation.  Want to know more about us? Click here for more information.



About The Ariah Group

The Ariah Group is a nonprofit dedicated to open source. Their mission is to deliver software and associated systems, tools, designs, services, and components that collectively work together to support the needs of institutions. The Ariah community is open to participants of all kinds.  The focus will be to deliver quality open source products for Student, Finance, Library, Research, Human Resources, and Continuity Planning. Want to know more about The Ariah Group click here for more information.


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