MŌDERAS Partners with AbsoluteResearch™ to Release Prologue

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

MŌDERAS is proud to announce Prologue; a simple, intuitive, and dynamic search tool allowing access to relevant compliance guidance, regulations, FAQs, court cases, and warning letters from OHRP, FDA, CDC, NIH, DOD, DOE, and more.  Research Administrators finally have the means to tackle the complex questions, situations, and uncertainties they face daily.

Prologue is the brainchild of Rebecca Ballard; IRB Director at a children’s hospital by day and founder of Absolute Research by night (and weekends); “Prologue was born out of sheer necessity, I needed a way to find information quickly and to efficiently answer investigators questions, write policies, and asses risks.”

Ballard effortlessly recounts the old methods, so familiar to us all, when trying to hunt-down supporting compliance documentation–printing documents and placing them on a shelf, only to collect dust and be out of date by the time we look at them again, or saving countless links on the web…only to have OHRP or the FDA redo their website as ‘Page Not Found’ flashes on the screen.  Helplessly watching countless hours of labor lost.

Ballard, stated her ah-ha moment was, reciting the now famous Shark Tank phrase, “there must be a better way!”  Ballard continued, “once I saw Moderas’ Kwest product (search tool for funding opportunities), I knew that together we could create something that would help others struggling with the same things I was.”

Prologue was launched at this year’s PRIM&R AER14 conference.  Where we asked, “How do you find the critical compliance guidelines you need for the decisions you face daily?”

Prologue efficiently analyzes difficult to find and seemingly unrelated pieces of data instantly.  No more scouring the Internet with hopes of finding reliable answers. With Prologue, simply type in descriptive terms for your issue and retrieve relevant results from a multitude of authoritave sources.

Get answers needed to assemble a corrective action plan, prepare for possible audits by reviewing previous auditor determinations, and inform investigators and administration about non-compliant actions by showing audit findings based on similar behavior.  Learn from the mistakes of others and generate consistency in the decision-making process making more accurate, timely, and informed decisions resulting in better overall outcomes.

Chris Thompson, President of Moderas stated “It was simple for us, really–it was a no brainer –there’s nothing out there like this!  Prologue is a simple tool that will drastically enhance consistency in the decision-making process making more accurate, timely, informed decisions resulting in better overall outcomes. It’s a welcome addition to our suite of simple, clean solutions that help solve the problems research administrators face daily.”

About Absolute Research

Absolute Research is guided by the philosophy of providing the highest protections for human research participants in practicable ways. Our mission is to provide Easy-to-Use solutions to tackle the challenges and regulatory pitfalls Investigators and Research Administrators face daily. Click here to learn more about us.


MŌDERAS specializes in web based electronic research administration (eRA) solutions developed on the open source Kuali Coeus™ (KC) platform. Leading you forward, beyond software selection by creating a fully modular, end-to-end solution that doesn’t sacrifice functionality to be cost effective. Our solutions will ultimately afford you the ability to meet your specific and ever-changing research administration needs.  MŌDERAS has the products you need and the services you want for more effective and efficient eRA solutions.

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