Moderas Contributes to Research Administration Community

Moderas is pleased to say that we are doing our fair share…

In an effort to uphold our commitment to truly open source software we have offered to share a significant amount of our intellectual property with both the Kuali Foundation™ and theAriah Group™ to enhance their Kuali Coeus and Research offerings respectively. These contributions include enhancements to the user interface and modules as well as a large number of bug fixes.

Chris Thompson, president of MODERAS stated, “We remain committed to the open source community and this is our way of putting our money where our mouth is.  This contribution takes the research product well past any other current release and reflects countless hours of development efforts made by both MODERAS and our partners.”

When organizations work together they become a powerful engine for innovation and growth.  Adopting our contributions will enhance the current research platforms and help us achieve our goal of bringing fresh new ideas to the community through the open source approach.

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