As many of you know we’ve been on a quest for quite some time to drive down the cost of eRA systems over our ten years in operation.  We made some real progress over the last couple of years but our new approach is a tectonic shift.  Many people from this community have pitched in and provided help and for that we thank you.  We know how valuable your time is and we finally have a way to repay you for your efforts.  We’re announcing the launch of our new Fasttrak platform today.  Based on its pricing we’re confident it’s going to turn the eRA industry on its ear to the benefit of research institutions.   All due respect but it’s about time someone did something to shake things up, you’ve either been overpaying or unable to afford a system for years.  We’re here to say we’re doing what we can so those days are over starting TODAY.

Why the bold statement? What are we doing that’s so different? Here are the top 10 things we think we’re doing different than any other vendor.

  1. We’re breaking down the barriers to adoption through quick set up, an intuitive interface, and low pricing.
  2. You can sign up for a 30-day demo account today and your system will be up in running in minutes with NO human interaction.  No dealing with a sales person, no sandbox, your system is up in just minutes for you to use.
  3. We’re offering monthly plans, no requirement for long term commitments, you can fit it on a P-Card it’s so inexpensive.
  4. How inexpensive? You have to see it… we think it will have you scratching your head asking how we can do it. We plan to offer this 10-year anniversary pricing until the end of the year so don’t wait too long to check it out. To see the pricing simply click on “Get a Quote” at, select the modules you are interested in, and you will be shown the monthly and annual costs.  We think you’ll like what you see.
  5. You have to experience the capabilities Fasttrak has to offer first hand. The interface and functionality reflects the best of what’s available today. We highly recommend you signing up so you can take it for a spin.
  6. You can add “Data on the Fly” which allows you to be up and running today, no seriously, you can be using it today we’re not kidding. No waiting on IT support to get going.
  7. We’re offering a referral program. Refer friends and colleagues and you can lower your cost all the way to zero. Referral information is provided once you’ve subscribed to Fasttrak.
  8. Our pricing is geared towards small institutions who have grappled with affording an eRA system.
  9. For those of you who have a system that maybe feels a little tired or pricey, we guarantee that Fasttrak costs at least 50% less than what a comparable system costs and is anything but tired.  Share with us your current cost and we will beat it by AT LEAST 50% and likely more. It begs the question, what have you got to lose?
  10. There’s just too much to share here. Dashboards, widgets, chat, ad-hoc reporting, customizable workflow, easy notifications, a fantastic user interface, and much, much more.


Sign up for a 30 day free test drive at

Join us and let’s build the best possible system for research administration together.

We can’t do it without you!

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What people say about Moderas

Working with Moderas on a large implementation project has been a wonderful experience. They are attentive, responsive, professional, and caring. I am always aware that they are listening to our needs and constantly striving to achieve an optimal outcome for us

R. Francis, Director
University of Toledo

Moderas understands then when you've seen one office of sponsored programs you've seen ONE office of sponsored programs. They don't expect us to be just like everyone else.

P. Napier, Director
Agnes Scott College

We were looking for an affordable product that would allow us to streamline our processes and would allow us to gather more meaningful data on the work we are doing. Moderas does that and more.

A. Wriggleman, Grant Technology Officer
Salt Lake Community College

FastTrak is extremely easy to use; which will enable our faculty to submit a proposal with little to no training. Another feature we were drawn to was the electronic proposal routing. It’s hard not to get excited about less paper!

S. Riseman, Director
College of the Holy Cross

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