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Over the years we’ve tried to do everything we could to drive down the cost of eRA. We’ve offered products for far less than our competitors, put a fine pencil to the service related costs, we’ve offered our pre-award products for free, and finally tried to make a push to open source the entire platform.

All these efforts failed to gain any traction so we starting shutting down operations in the fall of last year which I felt was a tragedy.  Why? Because we’d developed a platform I felt was better than anything on the market and now it just sits on a shelf.

This is a call to anyone out there who has an idea of how to make this work for the good of the research community. I’m open to any reasonable suggestions at this point. Please feel free to reach out to me at of even to post your ideas on this page for discussion.

About eRA

Learn more about what an eRA system is and what it can provide.

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Product comparisons, a return on investment calculator, product selection webinars and more.

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What people say about Moderas

Working with Moderas on a large implementation project has been a wonderful experience. They are attentive, responsive, professional, and caring. I am always aware that they are listening to our needs and constantly striving to achieve an optimal outcome for us

R. Francis, Director
University of Toledo

Moderas understands then when you've seen one office of sponsored programs you've seen ONE office of sponsored programs. They don't expect us to be just like everyone else.

P. Napier, Director
Agnes Scott College

We were looking for an affordable product that would allow us to streamline our processes and would allow us to gather more meaningful data on the work we are doing. Moderas does that and more.

A. Wriggleman, Grant Technology Officer
Salt Lake Community College

FastTrak is extremely easy to use; which will enable our faculty to submit a proposal with little to no training. Another feature we were drawn to was the electronic proposal routing. It’s hard not to get excited about less paper!

S. Riseman, Director
College of the Holy Cross

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