It’s with melancholy that I announce that we are in the process of terminating operations at Moderas.  We made it our focus to attempt to serve the needs of smaller institutions who faced financial hurdles, a champion, we felt, of the little guy. I believe it was a noble endeavor but ultimately flawed and destined to fail at the intersection of optimism and pragmatism. I truly feel a day will come when a research office without an eRA system will be considered unique and quaint but that day is much farther away than I could have imagined. I want to thank those who helped us along the way, your encouragement, your personal stories, and friendships are the greatest of compensation and will be forever treasured.

I encourage folks to grab the files from our downloads section in the coming weeks as at some point down the road we will be shutting the website down. I feel this was one of our greatest services to the community we were able to offer and therefore it will be the last thing to go. Our Fasttrak, SingleIRB, Hobson, and Kwest platforms are all for sale to anyone who would like to carry on this work.

In closing let me share that it’s been an honor to be associated with the field of research administration.  The people, the purpose, the goals have all been inspiring.  You help those who are making our world a better place and it was a cherished opportunity to assist you in those efforts. I’ve never encountered a group comprised of better people, people who work hard, who care, who go above and beyond on a daily basis.


Best regards,

Chris Thompson

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What people say about Moderas

Working with Moderas on a large implementation project has been a wonderful experience. They are attentive, responsive, professional, and caring. I am always aware that they are listening to our needs and constantly striving to achieve an optimal outcome for us

R. Francis, Director
University of Toledo

Moderas understands then when you've seen one office of sponsored programs you've seen ONE office of sponsored programs. They don't expect us to be just like everyone else.

P. Napier, Director
Agnes Scott College

We were looking for an affordable product that would allow us to streamline our processes and would allow us to gather more meaningful data on the work we are doing. Moderas does that and more.

A. Wriggleman, Grant Technology Officer
Salt Lake Community College

FastTrak is extremely easy to use; which will enable our faculty to submit a proposal with little to no training. Another feature we were drawn to was the electronic proposal routing. It’s hard not to get excited about less paper!

S. Riseman, Director
College of the Holy Cross

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